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Well on our way into the new year and quickly heading into Spring - YEA!  Remember, if your daily schedule is sometimes a little cramped, and you find yourself wishing you had a "relief pitcher" to help keep your dog(s) from getting bored, overweight, or sometimes even destructive during the day (hey, it's not their fault!), please contact us and set up a consultation where we can meet and discuss a healthy walk routine that best fits you and your dog's needs.  Or if you are planning any long weekends or early year/Spring vacations, as an alternative to boarding, we can come by your house 2 or 3 (some folks even request 4) times a day and keep your dog(s), or cat(s), happy, excercised, and fed in their own comfortable and familiar home environment!

Tip of the Day

An active and engaged pet is a happy pet!   

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