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Vickie and Bob are fantastic! My beloved pooch was an escape artist in his younger years and we have never had an incident with him under Vickie's care.  Now that he is an elderly dog, he needs extra assistance moving around and climbing stairs.  Bob and Vickie have been superb at meeting his needs.  They are warm, kind, patient folks who truly love animals. I am supremely comfortable giving them a key to our home to watch our precious dog when we are away.


Monica Lewis

Vickie Lynn has been caring for our pets for so long that we consider them as our second set of dog-parents. We can leave our elderly dog with them and know they will treat him with the same patience and good humor as we do. He loves it when they come to visit. For him, it's "same routine, different humans", and we are blessed to have such wonderful folks to watch after Ralph!

Donna and Steve Bing

Vickie has cared for my English Bulldog for the past eight years. She is very dependable and trustworthy. I know that my dog gets more than just checked-on when Vickie comes by during the day.  He gets cared for and, as a dog owner who is often away for long work days, this gives me real peace of mind. Vickie often keeps my dog at her home when I'm away on trips.  I really like this option in lieu of boarding him in a kennel.  I have total confidence in Vickie and recommend her pet sitting services to anyone who wants the best care for their own pets.


George Arnold

We are so lucky to have been referred to Vickie and Bob by a neighbor.  Our big dog gets walks several days a week and our little ones get a little outdoor playtime.  It is reassuring to know that folks as trustworthy and kind as Bob and Vickie are coming into our home and it is also reassuring to know that our animals are well cared for.  All the critters are happy and so are we!


Jill Sisler

We love Vickie Lynn's Petcare!  I have had Vicki keep and walk my dogs for years.  They greet her at the door like family and always love going on their walks.  When I go out of town, it is so nice to know that they will be well cared for and happy and healthy when I get back.  Thanks guys!


Martha McRae

My 13-year old shepherd mix (Eva) suffered from a bout of Idiopathic Vestibular ("Old Dog") Disease just before Thanksgiving last year.  If you ever experienced this, you'd know how frightening it was.  Worse yet, I had a trip planned to Chicago over the holiday.  Fortunately, her condition was correctly diagnosed and I was told she'd improve over time.  Still, I couldn't trust her care with just anyone and I didn't want to leave her at a vet clinic where she'd spend her time in a crate.  Like me, she had just had a big scare and she was still under a lot of stress.  She needed personalized care in a loving home and I wanted the peace of mind knowing that she was in good hands.   I asked my dog-loving friends and was referred to Vickie Lynn's Pet Care.  I wasn't disappointed. 

I use Vickie's service to this day.  Ironically; the dogs don't seem to miss me as much as I miss them as they like the visit to Vickie's, which makes traveling a bit easier.


Phil Williams, Memorial Heights

Vickie and Bob take great care of my pets.  Over the last six years, my dog and cats have received consistently high quality attention, ranging from daily walks for my dog to attending to the special needs of my elderly cat while I am away on travel.  It is a pleasure knowing that I can give them a call and that they are always glad to help.


Angela Bonney

We have used Vickie Lynn's Home Pet Care for about a decade now.  My husband and I have 3 dogs and a cat and we consider our pets family.  We also like to travel so we are in need of a reliable pet service.  We couldn't be more satisfied with the service Vickie Lynn's provides and we love the peace of mind we have when we travel because we know our pets are being excellently cared for.  I highly recomend Vickie Lynn's Home Pet Care.


Randi Hight

Lola has been going to daycare at Vickie and Bob’s since she was only 4 months old.  They have watched over her as she has grown up.  It is her home away from home and she leaps out of the car every time we arrive!  She loves playing with all the other dogs and getting lots of human attention.  We travel quite often and it is great to know that Lola is well cared for and having fun whilst we are away.


Jenny and Ian Kellagher

* List of references available upon request.

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