What We Do

Imagine you're a kid and whenever mom and dad leave the house they load you into the car, take you to a strange day care place filled with a bunch of other kids you never met and you're supervised by adult strangers; where it smells funny, you eat unfamiliar food and sleep in an unfamiliar room, on an unfamiliar bed... Or maybe you have been here before, and met some of these other kids and people, but you never really liked going.


If you had the choice, I'm pretty sure you'd rather they just let you stay home and hire a single, responsible, familiar person to come by two, three, or even four times a day and tend to your potty needs, feed you, and hang out to play a while!


That's where a professional petcare person can be both a comfort and a relief to owners and their pets. 


Whether you're going away just for the day, an extended vacation, or simply due to your busy social/professional schedule you can't make it home at lunchtime for that important break, or home that evening at the usual time - that is what we do; what we are here for.


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