“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”                                                                                                                       - Karen Davison, Published canine psychologist and behavioriest -


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Hello, my name is Bob – why is this site called Vickie Lynn’s Home Pet Care then? Because Vickie was my wife and partner in life since 1988, but in 2016 I lost her to cancer.  Vickie had owned and cared for dogs her entire life, and back in 2002 she started this business because she recognized that our neighborhood needed a dedicated and professional local pet care person; one that lived in the heart of the historical Heights and would serve our neighborhood (and surrounding area) only – in other words, close at hand, and open 24/7.


From 1995-2011 I worked at NASA/Johnson Space Center as a graphic artist/designer, but unfortunately, when the STS shuttle program was shut down, so was my job. So what do I  know about dogs and cats?  Since our marriage began we owned both, and often I helped Vickie evenings and weekends.  So it was only natural that soon after my layoff I joined her as a fulltime partner and primary dog walker.  We were fortunate enough to have a large, fenced in yard, front and back, and during those years we essentially ran a combo canine B&B/daycare center! No kenneling, clients were told to bring nothing but their dog’s food (and bed if preferred), as our "guests" were treated as one of our own.  In other words, on any given day our home included up to six happy dogs, along with our 3 or 4 indoor/outdoor cats.  In all that time we never had a dog escape, get hurt, had to break up a fight, or tell a client that, “no, we can’t accept your dog.”  Yes, by now I’ve pretty much seen it all, done it all.


After Vickie’s passing, I sold our house but stayed in the neighborhood I’ve known and loved for 25 years now.  I relocated to a nice apartment at Yale and 22nd, where I continue the business and its reputation, although unfortunately I am no longer able to board.  My partner is Jake, a happy SPCA mutt seen below, and above with one of his best buddys, Hero! 

Jake Says:


"Well, if you won’t take me with you, I think the least you could do is let me stay at home!  I am a very responsible pet and I promise no parties!"

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